Staying Positive in the Time of Corona

Maha Noor Elahi

For a life-long introvert like myself, staying at home is as staying in a cozy spa. However, whether you enjoy staying at home or not, being forced to stay at home is not a walk in the park, literally and figuratively.

Let’s admit that being restricted to your own house, not being able to go to work, and not even being able to go to the supermarket is disturbing, and considering all the fear of COVID-19 going around, it’s definitely a huge stress-trigger.

Now, this is the situation visible to the naked eye, but things aren’t always as they seem, are they? I’m not going to draw for you a flowery, unrealistic vision of the situation and call it positivity; it’s not. It’s an escape from reality. For me, thinking positive means looking the truth in the eye and dealing with it in a way that results in the best possible outcome.

Acceptance is a key element in positive thinking. If you’re feeling anxious, gloomy, and afraid of the Corona situation, it’s natural. Do not resist these feelings because nothing is more honest than our own feelings to what happens around us. Nevertheless, being controlled by our fears and allowing them to rule our actions is not positive at all.

Giving ourselves the right to be scared and worried frees us from the guilt of “being negative”, but it’s not enough. That’s why it’s our most important job to take a conscious decision to start “doing” something in the midst of these waves of emotions during the corona lockdown.

I won’t give you ideas for activities to do at home; instead, I am going to tell you about three great things you can do in the time of Corona. Perhaps the bravest thing you can do these days is to confront yourself! Confront all your hidden skeletons, analyze them, and never return them to your closet! Another amazing thing you can do is to reflect on your past; it’s an act of strength to go back and hold yourself accountable for the things you did.

Finally, prepare yourself for savoring the taste of freedom once again because it will happen, sooner or later. And when you get to your “normal” life again, wouldn’t it be exhilarating to get out to the world with a fresh and different perspective on life? A new, grateful “you” is your gift to yourself and to the world, but that new you can’t emerge to light without taking the first brave steps of confronting and reflecting. Stay strong. Stay blessed.

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