Stop provoking islam

By/ ghada tantawi

Chairman of goldenpress magazine


When one of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) sons died , some of the disbelievers of Quraysh mocked him, calling him “the amputee,” meaning the one that had no end, so God Almighty revealed the verse to console his noble Messenger in (Surat Al-Kawthar).

For a long time, we have been enduring, and he converted to Islam and apologized for what happened later, France now, has ravaged an Abusive campaign as a cause of the killing of a French professor, circulating offensive cartoons on our honorable Prophet, which provoked some to beheaded him.
And the amazing thing about the matter is how arrogance, ignorance and audacity reached the point of insolence in Western societies .. Are you not the first to invent a theory (for every action has a reaction, equal in magnitude and opposite to it in direction .. ??) So why all this surprising From the reactions of some people towards you when you aggressively violate our religion and our Messenger

Until one the French philosophers “Michel Onfroy” made a shocking statement, and said: “You bomb their countries, displace their children, you paint their prophet in the ugliest drawings, support African Christians and arm them to kill Muslims in Mali and Central Africa, then appear as a victim !! Do not laugh at yourselves, only idiots and hypocrites will believe you.

As long as you are bold enough to knock on our doors, have the courage to wait for an answer .. !! Over the years, despite your bad morals, lack of chivalry in you, the disintegration of your human bonds, not a single Muslim dared to insult any of your prophets or to object to your religions, knowing that the religion for God is Islam, The pillars of faith stipulate belief in God and his angels, books, and messengers, so that a Muslim becomes a true Muslim, he must believe in all the Messengers without discrimination, so what respect are you talking about?

even in your films and your life, you make jokes and sarcastic phrases at your prophets, is that what faith resembles to you?? you are a nation without identity .. !! Even the commandments of the Bible and the Torah that many of you do not know ?? And if he knew it, he would not follow it .. !! So what do we expect from you ??

We warned you and spoke of goodness millions of times, and you did not understand .. !! We will cut off every tongue that encroaches on our Messenger, and we will cut off the back of everyone who has a hand in that, and so let the competitors compete


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