By/ Samer Aburayya


Dear Someone , Not everyone will understand your journey in life. It’s okay when people don’t believe in your dreams. Always remember that you are your own strength and you owe no responsibility to anyone to either believe in you or not.

Some people will reject you, others might give up on you but I want you to know that you are alive to live your life, and not to make everyone understand or accept you. Do not feel bad for making decisions  that upsets other people; you are not responsible for their happiness neither their journey, but you have a major responsibility to believe in your journey even when others do not believe in you.

People only know your name and not your story. They see your smile, but underneath they fail to recognize your pain. They may read your lips, but not your mind. They may see you every day, but don’t understand your true purpose in life.

Don’t live your life seeking people’s opinion because in everything you do in this life, people will still have something to say about it. Not everyone who is around you is supposed to believe in you. For obvious reasons, a good number of people might still smile to you and even say positive things about you, but not all of them are actually wishing you well. Some are praying for your downfall.

Always get this in your mind, an enemy is always better than a wicked friend. Today, they may be your trusted friend, family member, loved ones, college mate and lover, but may show you their true color tomorrow. They may claim to love you now, but secretly, they are planning to harm you. They may say beautiful things in front of you, but behind you, they are stabbing you indiscriminately. Be careful of the people around you…


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